Monday, January 2, 2012

Handmade to Give 2012

The iBakery is proud to be a part of the first Handmade to Give 2012. In support of all the entrepreneurs out there, the iBakery would like to give a dozen handcrafted cookies, all wrapped up with ribbons and tags, to a lucky winner. All you need to do to enter is 'like' my facebook page and leave a comment as to why you would like to win. The contest ends on Sunday, January 8th at 9pm and the winner will be announced by Monday, January 9th. The iBakery will take care of shipping and will coordinate with you when and where you would like them shipped as well as what they should look like.

Supporting entrepreneurs of any venture is exciting. Thank you for your support and please, continue to spread the word about the iBakery. The beautiful cookies can be shipped easily and are guaranteed to put a smile on everyones face.

Please check out the Handmade to Give blog to see who else is participating in this event. Support the 'little guys' as much as you can...we are all working hard to not only provide for our families but also to provide an outlet for our passions.

Much love to you all!