Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dr.Seuss, Halo Wars, and little farm animals...

I love baking in general, but these new little iced sugar cookies are starting to become my favourite item to make. They perhaps allow new creativity to flow, even though on many I am using a printable image, or maybe it is just due to the fact that it is a new thing to try...anyway, I love the cookies I have made lately, and hope you do too.

Halo Wars, which I now know is an X-Box game (I am SO old!), were for a 10 year old's birthday party. He was in charge of choosing 3 images to send to me, choosing the font of his party tag, as well as choosing the background colour to the tag and the ribbon colour. I think Chris did a fantastic job as the end result was cool, masculine, and original. He told me, via FB, that the cookies looked good and tasted good too, so I am happy that it was a success!

The Dr.Seuss cookies were for our friends Claire & Georgia. Their last day of school is tomorrow and they wanted to bring something special to the party. I baked, flooded, imaged and bordered 3/4 of the cookies and then left a bunch for them to do when they came over. I wish I had photographed these little (well, not little, they are 10!) girls icing the cookies. They took their job very seriously and did a fantastic job. I sure hope their class enjoys the work they put into these :-)

The little animal cookies were for our Music Together teacher, Anna. This woman is incredible, totally born to bring music into children's lives. I feel so lucky that we came across her music program and that she has been in our life for almost 2 years. Her son's teacher was leaving the school to go back and do her Masters. They had a party for her on the last day of school to celebrate how wonderful she is and what a great year they had. I made a cake for this occasion and had heard that the class had a wonderful excursion to Maplewood Farm, so I thought I would make some little cookies to tag along. I didn't get a chance to bag these up with ribbon, but at music class yesterday, Anna told me that she went to the dollar store and got some baggies and wrapped them all up for each kid. What a hoot!

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