Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nighttime PJ Adventure

Night time PJ Adventures started this week. It is light out longer and Zack & Maggie are really excited about feeding the ducks and bunnies. Since I can’t make it down to Jericho during the day with 4 kids, and Mike is not around at that time to enjoy it as well, we decided we would head out after bath. They each had a small bag of carrots and weren’t too nervous to go right up to the bunnies to feed them. There was one crazy bunny who hopped right up to Maggie and startled her, but other than that it was a very positive experience. ((This crazy bunny had a bulging eye and was WAY too friendly, it kinda freaked me out too)) We traveled all the way around the raspberry bushes at Jericho to feed the bunnies, quite a hike for little legs. We weren’t the only ones with this idea, but definitely the cutest ;-) We were lucky enough to see ducklings, baby bunnies AND a beaver! There is always evidence of a beaver at Jericho, but we've never seen him before. It was so quiet out that we could hear him munching his food. The 'cool' factor of the beaver didn't matter to Maggie, she had grand plans for feeding those bunnies and got bored quite quickly by the beaver.
Cheers to many more nighttime PJ adventures this summer!


  1. looks like you guys had lots of fun. You sure got close to the bunny! Nanny