Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I love to do crafts. My friend Katie said something today about being crafty, that she enjoys "making something from nothing," and I think this is what I love about it too. If you read my posts, you will notice that I have just gotten into sewing, so this is the newest type of craft I am doing. I have dabbled in card making and ceramics, and now think sewing is the 'it' thing. I want to teach my children how to make something from nothing, and how to have fun doing it. I also want to improve their fine motor skills and challenge them with new activities. This week our craft was beading. It was inspired by Greek Festival, where they both made bracelets. We went on a huge adventure last week to West Vancouver so we included a stop in a Michael's. I bought beads, string, a bucket full of other stuff, and then pipecleaners as a last minute idea. When I brought out the beading supplies yesterday they were so excited. The pipecleaners worked perfectly as they were able to string the beads on without them falling off. Maggie made 2 'bracelets' and Zack made 1. We sure are having a lot of fun this summer so far!!


  1. Hi, my that brings back memories of making a fast trip to the beach from sales barn!!!!!! for more beads! They look like they enjoyed the craft.
    Love to all. Mom

  2. I bet that memory is a 'fond' one, Mom :-)