Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The best leftovers EVER!!

I made 5 cakes this past weekend, a hefty order, but had enough time in between to make it a pleasurable experience. At the end of the weekend I had a bit of cash in my pocket and a TON of odds and ends icing colours. My sweet tooth wouldn't let me throw it away, and my brain wouldn't let me eat it all by itself, so I had to figure out a happy medium. I baked some chocolate cupcakes and blended the colours in one bag to try and make it yummy, fancy, and experimental all at once. These cupcakes became my lunch (my sugar tooth won over my brain in this one!) and then made a few other people quite happy that night, including Zack & Maggie who were allowed a bite of cupcake between bites of sandwhich (the first time I've ever bribed them to eat something...apparently they don't like avocado and goat cheese sandwhiches!). I had to post pictures to show you all how you too can make leftovers a request in your house :-)

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