Saturday, August 7, 2010

summer in the city

Since November 2009 I have been running a little daycare out of my home. I had two wonderful little girls, Kira and Zoe. Zoe left in May as she got into daycare at UBC, and Kira left in June as her Mom is a teacher and off for the summer. I decided not to take on any new children until the fall, so that we could have a family fun summer doing whatever we wanted, whenver we wanted. So far this idea has worked out wonderfully. We are very lucky to have children who can accomodate to a new schedule as we have had days where we go to sleep at midnight and days where we drop our nap and go to bed at 6:30pm. We have gone on a water taxi down to Science World, walked the sea-wall from Dunderave to the Lion's Gate Bridge, watched 3 of 4 Symphony of Fires, listened to the folk festival while playing on the beach, listened to the open concerts at Douglas Park, camped in Nelson, visited friends in Summerland, and on and on. I guess I wanted to post this to share what a wonderful life Vancouver has given us, and to say that I love my family and have really enjoyed the summer so far. I can't wait for the remainder!!

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  1. you are making wonderful memories you will treasure as your little ones grow, Jackie.