Friday, April 16, 2010

A beautiful day...

I captured some images from our walk to the park this afternoon...what a gorgeous day! I was up late last night finishing a baby shower cake and cookies, and put the finishing touches on the cookies during nap time, which meant that our adventure to the park was relaxing for everyone (yeah!). The kiddies all had a blast at the park, scooping up rocks, sliding down the slides (both Kira and Maggie can go down the big slide all by themselves!), eating snacks, and watching out for Robins - our newest bird in their quickly growing list of known animals.

The cake was for a friend of a friend who just had a baby girl named "Ava." I hope they liked the cake and cookies. It was the first tiered cake I've ever made. It was also the first time I've attempted the 'cornelli lace' style of decoration.

I don't think I executed it very well, but I was happy with the end result...very fancy, exactly what a little girl deserves. The cookie favours were fun to make and I'm so happy I decided to add the white on top of the pink as it really made the details 'pop.' I was able to find some cute ribbon at a local hobby store, which made the cookie favour bags a little more special for event.

Hope you all enjoyed your Friday too!

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