Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kitchen sink salad

I love salad! We had the best salad the other night, and I thought I should share with everyone what it entailed, in case you were craving a delicious salad but needed some inspiration:

avocado, sliced & diced
strawberries, sliced
small can of mandarin orange segments, drained
feta (we used the "greek barrel sheeps feta" from Parthenon)
candied walnuts (made up ahead of time - thank you Vicki!)
pumpkin seeds
sunflower seeds
raspberry vinegrette (we used "raspberry & black pepper vinaigrette" by Okanagan Wineland Dressings)

Sometimes we add apples too. What I've learned is that it is practically impossible to make a bad salad. Just keep adding things you enjoy and almost every time it will be amazing.

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  1. that sounds very delicious, I will have to try it.