Monday, May 3, 2010

Dr.S Cookies

A woman I work out with at Barefit and Pregnant has twins as well that turned "1" this weekend. She asked if I could do cookies for the party, with the theme being "Dr.Seuss." I said yes right away and then set out to find a cookie cutter to help me make that well known cat and his friends turn into delicious cookies. I could not find a Dr.S character cookie cutter anywhere except online, and I was not willing to pay $10 US plus shipping for this. My backup idea was to use the edible ink printer Mike bought me for my birthday. I've been reading a lot of new websites and blogs lately and came across a step by step guide to creating amazing sugar cookies using this printer - The instructions were perfect and the cookies really turned out well. I am going to do something similar for Zack & Maggie's Birthday, which is in 15 days, but first have to clean out the printer head as the images were a bit striated.

First - a flooded sugar cookie in a colour almost the same as the edible ink image

A bowl full of clear corn syrup to act as the 'glue'

The almost finished product. We decided that they needed a border. The border was actually the time consuming portion of these cookies as I used a super small circle icing tip. Next time I will use a larger tip I think!


  1. I love this. I was reading sweatopia's post a few weeks ago and just told my husband (also a Mike) that I would like to get a printer to try it out. Looks like we are about the same level for our crafts and our kids have birthdays at the same time. Our party is on the 15th.
    I found your post on TomKat, check out my blog also. Looks like we are both new to the blog world.

  2. The printer is AWESOME, Terri. Hope your kids had a great birthday. I've been looking at your blog - love it. Thanks for finding me :-)