Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Train themed birthday party

On Thursday I finished an order for train cookies, train cupcake toppers, and a train birthday cake for a 4 year old's Birthday party. The mom of the 4 year old, Pamela, sampled some of my baking at a mutual friend's son's birthday party and was hooked :-) Pamela's son's birthday party was going to be hosted at a venue that had a train the kids could ride, so it just made sense to have all of the treats be train themed. Pamela drove all the way from PoCo to bring me the train cookie cutters (I did not have any) and we discussed the design and detail of the other treats as well. When she drove away I was confident and excited to get started. I had to lay out a calendar to work backwards from, to ensure enough time to bake/flood#1/flood#2/write for the cookies, bake/ice/decorate the cake and purchase the paper to then cut and paste the cupcake toppers together. The cake and the toppers were the easy part of the order, and a lot of fun. The cookies were fun too but a serious amount of work. Once the cookies were baked, they all needed to be outlined in black. The icing was thick and the amount of pressure needed to get it out of the bottle for 144 cookies took quite a toll on my little thumb.
I know, boo hoo for me....I learned though that the icing sugar should be sifted to eliminate any little 'chunks' of sugar that may clog the tip...this was the real problem as I think if I had sifted, then my thumb still might be a little sore, but not numb. After the cookies had time to dry, I flooded them with the red/yellow/blue, but leaving the windows empty.

These were flooded last so that the colours wouldn't bleed together. After these two rounds of flooding were finished and completely dry, I wrote on the cookies. Finally, the cookies were packaged in threes and tied with a cute little train track ribbon. The birthday was a shared event so blue ribbon was for the boy, yellow ribbon was for the girl and red ribbon was for friends of both.

I'm glad to report that the cake/cookies and toppers were a big hit! I created cupcake toppers for Zack & Maggie's birthday and will post about that soon - just waiting on photos.


  1. Wow, these cookies are fantastic! You are an artist and I will definitely have some at the girls 2nd birthday party! Love what you are doing :)

  2. Awesome, Eva :-) Thanks for the support!