Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Holiday Monday = Family Fun Day

We enjoyed yesterday, Victoria Day, with a walk down to Jericho beach to look for bunnies and ducks, and then in the afternoon Z&M ventured out with just me and NO stroller for errands. We were successful in both sightings, we saw one tiny little brown bunny, and a lot of ducks. Zack & Maggie are getting really good at throwing bread to the ducks and even try to feed the red winged blackbirds now ;-) Z&M have gone on walks with me without the stroller, but we never venture too far away as I eventually end up having to carry them both. I can do it, but it is not fun. Anyway, yesterday they did really well. We did take a break at Jugo Juice, where they enjoyed their first commercial smoothie, and a break at Kidsbooks to play with the toys. By the time we made it to Young Brothers, our produce place, they were pretty much done with 'shopping' so we took a bus home and had an early dinner. It certainly was a special day!

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